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Riyadh (; Arabic: الرياض‎, romanized: ar-Riyāḍ [ar.riˈjaːdˤ], Najdi pronunciation: [er.rɪˈjɑːðˤ]) is the capital of Saudi Arabia and the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula. With a population of 7.6 million people, Riyadh is the third-largest city in the Arab world (after Cairo and Baghdad), and the 39th-largest in Asia. Riyadh is located on the eastern part of the Najd plateau.

The most renowned platform Wiki travel has shown some reservations for this famous city, "Riyadh is more conservative than Jeddah or the Eastern Province. The mutaween (religious police) are numerous in Riyadh and not to be messed with. Women must cover themselves with an abaya (available in shops everywhere in Riyadh) and it's advisable to carry a headscarf as well. Read, understand and follow the guidelines in the Saudi Arabia article to stay out of trouble. Homosexuality is illegal, and punishments range from imprisonment and flogging to the death penalty for the first offense. For the second offense, the penalty is an automatic death sentence. Homosexuals have been beheaded for “ugly acts of homosexuality."


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Ramones says

"I have purchased a VPS and it came with heavy blacklisted IP by the most trustable Blacklist - Spamhaus. I've requested a refund and they denied my request, despite the fact I paid for a full year and was not able to use the VPS even for a day. Stay away from this 'company' they are SCAMMERS!!!"

goodgbb says

"As Peter honestly said "stay away". I confirmed this and I would also say "stay away!" WHY? 1. When I was trying a server, I've found virus after a freshly installed of Windows server. I thought maybe it was my files, I tried to reinstall Windows, and found virus again. 2. Massive RDC attacks, eventually the intruder came into my server and do whatever he wanted. I asked help from support, then he just said yes it's not normal and that's it. Didn't give any help or advice. 3. A really bad customer support. Poor English grammar, writing like a studying child, angried, threatened, ignored, and lied to customer. 4. No license on Windows servers Again and again, STAY AWAY!!!"

Peter says

"Stay away! This operation looks like it's being run by kids. The web interface is not encrypted and the support ticket system is buggy. When you do get in contact with them, they reply with faulty english grammar that would be looked down upon even at a kidergraden. Old and outdated OS images. No, not by months, but by years! Again stay away!"

Gao Min says

"i order VPS NY from host4fun . ip blacklist and internet verry slow. they delivery order fast by 5-30 mins but after get it i check speed and verry slow with ip blacklist, cant open google. load websites verry slow. i contact support they dont change for me. and i reques refund they dont do that. bad service. i will nerver order again."

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